Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to [Instant] – Nayrolles Mathieu

Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to – Nayrolles Mathieu

Tune the performance of your Magento installation using the ebook Instant Magento performance optimization How-To by Packt. I just finished reading this book and wrote this quick review. This Packt Instant How-To provides a quick and easy way to improve your Magento performance using step-by-step instructions. It’s a short (56 pages), fast, focused guide delivering immediate results. This book is specially made for Magento administrators and users who are familiar with using the backend technical console, but people who are new to anything beyond this and wish to optimize their online store for increasing performance can also read this book. 

I can recommend buying this book if you’re looking for a complete reference of Magento optimization steps. 

What this book covers

Using the index as a guideline you can see that every chapter carries a “Must know”, “Should know” or “Become an expert” indication and are divided in two or three chapters (“How to do it”, “How it works” and some “There’s more”). 

It’s a complete list of aspects of optimizations, from merging and compressing CSS/Javascript to caching to load balancing. Both hands-on recipes for developers and very advanced developers. Most of the topics are written for Magento hosted on both shared and dedicated servers. Some advanced topics are only written for dedicated servers. 

The verdict is positive

I had a good time reading this ebook… except for the chapter “Logging (Must know)”. The writer advices  me to apply chmod 777 on a directory to allow the web server to write data there. Well… Never, ever, ever use 777. Just don’t. It’s wrong.

Since the ebook covers the basics and provide you with short, quick and easy to read topics I miss more advanced details or references. Since it’s an eBook you can use your eReader to add comments to some references online. Below some examples of references I’ve added to the ebook:

Using template hints (Must know)
install Magento Advanced Template Hints 2.0 by Fabrizio Branca (
Using the Profiler (Should know)
install Magento Profiler by Fabrizio Branca ( 

Test your improvements on a development environment before implementing on your live webshop

Since this book is a complete complete reference of Magento optimization steps I can recommend you to buy this book.  

Information about the eBook Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to

Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to [Instant] – Nayrolles Mathieu

Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to [Instant] – Nayrolles Mathieu

Packt Publishing
56 pages
Release data
February 2013
Nayrolles Mathieu
Topics and Technologies
All Books, e-Commerce, Open Source
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