After years of tweaking, SEO, SEM, cloaking, subtly crafted doorway pages, tricking crawlers, finetuned dynamic landingpages, hidden keywords and other nifty stuff, we can celebrate our succesful manipulation of the Google search results with our site having Pagerank 7 (out of 10). We’ve finally got the recognition we deserve!

finally recognition

Page Rank


Ok, we did none of the above (we don’t like spamming) and invested in real content instead. Our knowledgebase contains hundreds of articles on various (technological) subjects of interest to webdevelopers (mainly Joomla + PHP). Many people link to our site and that makes Google believe our content is of somewhat importance. In fact, with our pagerank of 7 we are on par with sites from the biggest national newspapers (De Telegraaf, Volkskrant, AD, Parool) and national public broadcasting ( We even surpass PR6 sites such as and Good work Byte people! And keep the interesting stuff coming!

Note: Pagerank is the famous Google metric (1 to 10) for the relevance and value of a site. PR7 is not so common for a site with mainly local (Dutch) content. Read more about Pagerank.


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